online banks


Using a brick-and-mortar bank is so old-school. Why not make a money move to an online bank instead? Online banks offer a host of benefits not provided by traditional banks, 24/7 connection to your smartphone, and are convenient. Before you make a decision, learn about what online banks may be best for your buck.

Discover goes beyond credit cards

Discover is more known for being a credit card company, but they’re not too shabby in the online banking business. If you sign up for Discover Cashback Checking, you don’t have to put up with monthly fees, and you get 1% back on purchases made with your debit card. If you still need to write old-school checks, you can get them for free.

All in with Ally

One of the best choices for an online bank is Ally. This digital institution provides full service via auto loans, credit cards, CDs, IRA accounts, checking and savings. A checking account with Ally pays interest on your balance, and you can get rebates for ATM fees. One drawback is you cannot deposit cash, but you can always send or receive money via Zelle or transfers.

Cash checks fast with Chime

If all you need is a checking account, and you like cashing your checks early, you might like Chime. Chime is a simple online bank that doesn’t require monthly fees or a minimum balance. When you are in a pinch, Chime doesn’t charge any overdraft fees, and over 30,000 Money Pass ATMs provide service free of charge.

Keep things Simple

Budgeting is no fun, but if you have an online account with Simple for your banking needs, you can better manage your money. If you have difficulties making decisions about your money, Simple comes with built-in tools to help. Simple guides you to achieve personal savings goals, and assists with monitoring your spending cash flow. When you swipe your debit card, Simple doesn’t charge any fees, except when shopping outside the United States.

Travel-savvy with Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a trusted name for investing, and opening a brokerage account with this discount firm grants you access to an Investor Checking account. The interest rates for an account are slightly better than a physical bank. If you love to travel frequently, an account with Charles Schwab provides unlimited reimbursements of ATM fees domestically and internationally.