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You’re sitting in your office chair or standing around at work and you start to think, “What if I just quit my job and did something weird?”

Well, of course, you won’t actually quit your job; but take a second to indulge in hearing about 15 people who took the road less traveled and are doing the jobs that many others deem weird, freaky, fake, or taboo.

Paid Boyfriend/Girlfriend

No, this is not an escort service (those aren’t necessarily legal everywhere); this is an online or in person, paid significant other that gives you as much as you pay for. One woman, Chelsea, offers an in-person girlfriend experience that focuses on emotional intimacy that advances into physical intimacy, much like a real relationship. The difference?

She gets paid $800 for the first hour with a slightly decreasing price for each preceding hour to encourage longer sessions, and when the sessions are over, there are no strings attached.

“I’m there when you want me to be, but you don’t have any obligations to fulfill,” she says. “You can satisfy your needs for a feeling of closeness without the commitment of a full-time partner.”

$32,000 (if you’re good)

Another girl is an online-only girlfriend who gets paid to text or talk on the phone with men who are particularly lonely or in need of emotional intimacy. She only charges about $15 per day or $130 per month. She has a strict ‘no-meeting’ rule to protect herself and her privacy, but she promises she never lies to clients — she values their trust and respect, just like a real girlfriend would.

“My job is to provide my clients with all of the resources I have to offer. This could [mean] help with emotional issues, personal problems, developing social skills, practice flirting, or just be a plain friend/girlfriend. I even post on my clients’ social media walls, if requested, for no extra charge,” she wrote.


When people think hypnotherapy, they think mind control with a strange person dictating your every movement. This, however, is not the reality of hypnosis — hypnosis is the act of altering your perspective on a habit, situation, fear, or repression in order to get over the obstacles that hold you back.Hypnotherapy is nothing more than allowing your mind to relax to such a point that your guard is down, and your point of view is open to being changed. Hypnotists, if they charge an average of $85 an hour, make around $5,100 per month. But, with added business expenses, about 50%-600% of your salary is allocated to rent, utilities, advertising, insurance, and taxes. This leaves around $2,500 per month for personal income.

$30,000-$60,000 per year

Meet Anthony Jacquin, one of the best hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom. His office window sill is packed with old cigarette packs from clients who have successfully kicked their nicotine addictions. He offers other services for things like weight loss help.

hypnosis near mehypnosis near me

“First off,” says Jacquin, assuming a sudden urgency, “I would ask, what do you want? Do you never want to eat a sweet again, or just have a bit more control?”

“You’d say, I like a dessert once a week, but I certainly don’t need to be eating sweets in my car. I’d then ask you to justify that. Why is it important to you? You might say it’s to keep fit and play sport and this 6lb is starting to slow you down.”

With a more achievable outcome and the acknowledgment of it as a situational habit, clients have success in the first session if it is done right.

Erotica writer

Becoming an erotica writer can be a difficult journey if the author doesn’t have many titles published since, due to the nature of this industry, quantity trumps quality in many cases. Everyone can write bad porn, but writing good porn takes practice, skill, and determination — but all of these things can get you between $10,000 and $100,000 in passive or active income per year.

To be successful, you must be able to churn out a lot of 2,000-5,000 word stories with little plot development and a story that starts as close to the end as possible.

You must also have a teasing, suggestive cover with a steamy title — but nothing that goes against Amazon or Kindle policies (you can find out what those are on your own).

$50,000 potential

Meet Anonymous, a woman who decided to get in the business of penning erotic short stories in order to put food on her family’s table. She created a clear yet ambitious objective for herself: she would publish 100 stories in 12 months. This equated to publishing around 5-10 stories per month.

After publishing her 100th story, she received a check in the mail of $10,000 for that month. This was passive income to supplement her normal writing for columns, newspapers, magazines, and journals, but the lesson she learned was one she, and so many other women, have always dismissed:

Sex sells.

Sex therapist

Sex therapists have it hard. Not only do they get the rep of being “sketchy” or disreputable, but they also have to handle unsolicited sex advice from anyone who finds out what their profession is. At around $30,000-$70,000, sex therapists can help you achieve anything in bed — but not in the ways you would think.

A sex therapist’s job is to help you get past your mental barriers. People with childhood trauma, heartbreak, abandonment, self-esteem, and violent traumas need a therapist to guide them (verbally) to get through those traumas to achieve their goals. They often give homework for the individual or couple to go home with, so they can practice what they talked about in therapy.

$65,000 on average

Meet Sallie Foley, a sex therapist and a professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Not only does she handle sexual trauma and emotional blocks, but she also helps patients with physical issues such as erectile dysfunction, menopausal problems, painful sex, and clients who have trouble reaching climax.

Her first client was a woman with cancer who had to have a sexual organ removed, while another client was a couple who had been unable to have sex for 20 years.

“I was quick to realize that this work was still about helping people with loss and helping people grow,” she said in an interview with Psychology Today.


Caleb Wilde, perhaps the most famous mortician, is a sixth-generation funeral director who had the burning desire to acquaint the rest of the world with his day-to-day life. In an interview with Eric Puchner, he reveals that he started a blog called “Confessions of a Funeral Director” where he details the gruesomeness of the job, but also how incredibly interesting and fulfilling the job can be.

Morticians and funeral directors are somewhat akin to tooth fairies — you leave an object behind, they take the object and transform it into either ashes or a neatly dressed, tightly tucked coffin. This job is difficult, and you must be incredibly strong-stomached to do what needs to be done, which is why most families prefer to send their loved ones away after a death to be taken care of properly.

$70,000 at most

Morticians generally make around $30,000-$70,000, and their jobs mainly consist of preparing the body for the funeral in either embalmment or cremation. Their unofficial job duties are surprisingly heavier in emotional weight, as they also act as grief counselors and funeral directors.

Morticians are usually on call 24/7 to handle the deceased as soon as they pass to ensure proper care. For this reason, the hours can be stressful unless a third party transportation system is in place. Luckily, however, this job will always be needed and will always be in demand. People in this sector tend to make it a lifelong (no pun intended) career path.


If you walk onto any college campus, you can find at least one student playfully insinuating that she might become a stripper to pay some of her loans.  In a society where sex work is still deemed disagreeable, stripping is still used as more of a joke career than an actual consideration — yet, in every joke made about strippers, their high salaries are always set as a counterpoint.

Strippers, or exotic dancers, can earn next-to-nothing or earn a salary of a lifetime depending on things like regular clientele, which nights (or days) they work, what kind of establishment they work at, and what kind of personality they put forth.

$180,000 at the most

For someone like Maggie, a $180,000 salary makes quite a bit of sense since she works at a very high-end club in an upper class part of town, she has high-earning clientele, her interpersonal skills are better than most, and her age/looks are quite rare in this industry.

During the day, she is a full-time college student at the University of Maryland studying Political Science and Spanish. During the night, she takes a train into the Big Apple to work at Scores New York — that’s how she makes her 6-figure salary as a 20-year old, red-headed, intelligent college student.


Are exorcists legitimate? Well, that’s been a question surrounding this profession since movies and plays have begun to dramatize them. The Vatican has declared that there are, of course, illegitimate exorcists and that they make up a majority of the profession — but there are legitimate exorcists ordained by the Vatican.

In a career where most people think you’re a joke yet you’re dealing with literal demons on the daily, you could imagine why this profession has such a small population of only 200 exorcists. However, they are all approved and licensed by the International Catholic Association of Exorcists(ICAE), and unless a supposed exorcist can prove they are licensed, they are not deemed legitimate.

$30,000 at best

The Most Reverend Dr. Isaac Kramer is Director of ICAE and a professional, licensed exorcist. He says every single client claiming to be possessed must be properly reviewed by doctors and psychotherapists to ensure their ills cannot be solved medically. For all of this work, they only make an average of $30,000 a year.

“It never gets to the point where someone’s head spins and they puke pea soup like Hollywood likes to show,” he says. True possessions are much scarier because they seem like normal, slightly disturbed people when in reality, they have multiple demons inside them which take anywhere from 3 months to 13 years to fully remove.

Private butler

Pictured below is the most well-known butler to most of America. Alfred Pennyworth is Batman’s best businessman, best therapist, best father, best protector, best assistant, and best friend — however, he isn’t the best depiction of what a butler is expected to be. In reality, a butler’s job description hasn’t changed much in the last thousand-or-so years.

They are expected, first and foremost, to attend to their client’s every whim and desire, supervise household staff, oversee meals and entertainment, and keep their secrets. Being a butler (also called ‘buttling’) can be your best career choice or your worst nightmare — it all depends on your personality type and how far you’re able to be pushed to every boundary you thought you had.

$60,000 starting salary

Some Principals (also called Masters, Sirs, Madams, or Bosses) can end up being your favorite boss or your worst nightmare. For Davis Govender, his first few jobs were nightmares that included his boss’ wife crying onto his shoulder one minute and treating him like help the next, or keeping marriage-ending level secrets from both the husband and the wife he works for.

Butlers looking to make 6-figures from this job need to be good and need at least 5-10 years of experience since a starting salary ranges from $40,000 to $60,000. But, regardless of what you make, the one upside is that you get to spend someone else’s money on the best of the best of everything.

Personal body guard

Being a personal bodyguard may seem like the dream job for many people, especially if you’re ex-military or well-versed in a martial art. However, this job requires more than just fighting or protecting — it involves ensuring your client is comfortable in every situation, has exactly what they want/need, and is always punctual according to their schedules.

Before any action, a plan B is always analyzed, and before any movement, every situation is cleared, and every potential threat is accounted for. With minimal food or bathroom breaks and very little sleep, a personal bodyguard is almost always sacrificing their comfort and needs for their clients’. But the pay? Well…

$95,000 (and maybe some free travel!)

It is almost as great as the benefits. With personal, armed bodyguards being paid around $1,500 per day for anywhere between 1 day to a few months at a time including travel, food, and board, the pros outweigh the cons.

Take, for example, John Barletta, the personal body guard-turned-friend of Ronald Reagan during his presidential term. When Reagan went to ride his horses on his private ranch, many of his personal bodyguards flailed on top of the beasts or couldn’t keep up — except for John, who was an avid rider and a Vietnam veteran. Personal bodyguards are, often times, just bodyguards — but sometimes, they turn into best friends.

Penetration tester

Now, I know how this sounds, but I also know this career is not how it sounds. In fact, it’s much cooler.

As a penetration tester, you are given the seemingly impossible task of penetrating security systems in order to find weaknesses, loopholes, and, well, regular holes, to penetrate and steal confidential information from banks, businesses, and government organizations.

This job is hybrid in nature, allowing them to hack their systems both online and in person depending on the needs and desires of the current client. They are often undercover, remote, or part of an elaborate system of hackers that mimic a real-life hacking heist.

$74,000 average

Jim Stickley, a professional penetration tester, has done thousands of jobs over the last 20 years or so, but he has never been caught. If he’s robbing an establishment or planting hacking devices, he will dress up as an employee, a firefighter, a pest control worker, a janitor, or a city inspector.

penetration tester
penetration tester

The best part is that no one ever knows about his plans — not the employees, executives, or even the cops. After gaining the correct paperwork and legal permissions, he plans the heist and does his worst to the company or organization until he is caught, all while documenting every weakness he spots. Some call it legal robbery, while others call it effective safety consulting.

Financial dominatrix

There’s a small niche in the fetish world where men fancy giving women money and paying for them to live lavish lifestyles. This is called financial domination, and many women are starting to look to this as a smart and harmless side hustle due to the easy, and sometimes oddly satisfying, nature of the work.

While this sounds like a dream career, many financial dominatrixes find themselves doing a lot more work than planned — however, most of that work is entirely non-sexual. Many men prefer to be insulted, given barely-livable allowances, or to just meet a woman at an ATM and have her demand a certain amount of money.

$200,000 potential

One woman in New York City earns over $200,000 as a professional FinDom (financial dominatrix). She is funded by a few very wealthy and loyal clients who pay for her to buy herself lavish presents, go on luxurious trips, and pay for her sophisticated lifestyle.

Another woman, named Goddess Nia, is a college student who earns around $60,000 a year being a FinDom full time, not including her extravagant gifts and her paid-off student loans. Nia says her clients, who include a famous celebrity chef and a top CEO, get their rush from having no power over their “body, mind, wallet, or privacy.”


Hackers, nowadays, are surprisingly highly sought out individuals. Their capabilities require an extensive knowledge of different types of code, programs, platforms, backends, shortcuts, and sometimes illegal loopholes. These people are called ethical hackers and they help you find lost accounts or get into locked computers, phones, and other electronic devices.

Many websites offer these services for a fair price, but they come with documentation to ensure their own safety, as well as yours. However, if you request a custom task to be completed that may or may not go against their ethical guidelines, you may run into a hefty price point or some even more serious paperwork.

$63,932 on average

Apart from clients’ forgetfulness, hackers often get requests for more wholesome and fulfilling tasks such as: finding out the identity of an online stalker, hacking the person that hacked into your computer, discovering the identity of someone who stole your identity, or to find a family members’ or spouses’ secrets online.

Many companies now offer encrypting services to not only recover your information but also protect it from future hacking. In a sense, these hackers help you hacker-proof your information. The better companies will guarantee results but always look for certifications and client reviews before trusting a professional hacker to, well, do what hackers do.

Professional surrogate

Surrogacy is, unfortunately, a career that has ultimately made our list. Not because of how awful, taboo, or surprising it is, but because of how it’s often looked down upon as a way for people to make money off of couples who struggle with infertility. This career consists of a woman choosing to carry another person’s child, and should no longer be considered “taboo.”


A surrogate is, in most cases, artificially inseminated with both parent’s DNA to ensure the baby is theirs and not the surrogate’s. Surrogate mothers often get many complications during the pregnancy, even if their own pregnancies have historically gone smoothly.

$60,000 or more

Generally, surrogates are paid anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000 per pregnancy, but most surrogates get stipends for maternity clothes, travel expenses, medical procedures, and tests — especially if a surrogate is inseminated with multiple embryos. For one woman, the first two inseminations didn’t take, but on the third try, all 3 embryos lived and she gave birth to triplets.

When a pregnancy results in a loss or an unexpected emergency surgery, the surrogate is also entitled to a certain portion of the payment regardless of the outcome. Although it is an expensive procedure and process, the fulfillment that surrogates are able to give families is something money can’t buy.

Arms dealer

Arms dealers aren’t always illegal arms dealers. Surprisingly enough, this is a highly sought after career choice for many salespeople or folks who are experienced in international politics. To be a good arms dealer, you must always know your clients and their culture, as well as how to properly sell to them.

While some clients will want to know every spec about each product, other clients will only want to know what the benefits are of buying this specific product from you. It is also surprisingly easy to get into the industry as long as you have the proper licensing, tools, sales pitches, and certifications to sell internationally.


Just to prove how easy it is to get into this business, a 16-year old girl in Oxford, UK started her own arms dealing business during her school lunches. She grew her business with other girls in her school, and soon enough, was selling tanks and other large arms from manufacturers around the world.

According to David Chessen, a well known international arms dealer, selling weapons isn’t that difficult as long as you have a strong background in politics and sales. The one common misconception, he says, is that most people think you only sell your arms unloaded for safety when, in fact, that can be seen as insulting.

Car salesman

We tend to think of car salesman as the sleaziest, most ingenuine people in the working world, but a recent survey revealed that people found politicians more untrustworthy, unethical, and sleazy than car salespeople. Nevertheless, car salespeople are just doing their jobs, pushing to meet quotas, and trying to make a living.


Most people consider them sleazy because they feel like they’re always being persuaded towards cars that they don’t necessarily want, or cars that the salespeople were pushed to sell. Although these employees are given quotas of around 8-12 vehicles per month or are given bonuses if they sell cars that have proven difficult to sell, they’re only doing so to keep their jobs.

$45,000 + commissions

If you’re a good salesperson, you can make up to $60,000 per year in commissions and bonuses, especially if you’re skilled at reading people. Most customers have no idea that a salesperson can read you from the second you drive up to the dealership. They look at where you park, what car you have, how much gas you have in your current car, who you come into the dealership with (or without), and how you greet them.

The biggest obstacle car salespeople have to overcome is their own stereotype. Many first-time salespeople get discouraged when they’re given cold shoulders by customers, or when they become too aware and self-conscious about their stigma. If they think they’re being judged, they won’t try as hard to make a sale, thus coming off as uncaring or detached, which only perpetuates the stereotype.